Erikka: Senior 2011


Fun, Genuine, Smart, Most Likely To Suceed, these are just a few words that I would use to describe Erikka.  I had the pleasure of spending the evening with her and got some killer shots to capture that unique beautiful person she is before she tackles her last year of High School.  We had such a blast together and I am so excited for her next season in life!   

Erikka: You have such a great passion and love for life and people.  It is so evident and shines through who you are.  It's what draws people to you and makes you such a fun person to be around.  Go out there and take the world by storm.  I know you are destined for great things!  Thanks so much for such a fun photo shoot!

Can I just say I am envious of her hair? I could never ever be able pull it off!  And she does it so well...


Jamee & Jeff: Wedding


A fairy tale in the making... that's what this wedding was all about.  Jamee was the beautiful princess who dreamt of one day meeting her shining white knight and Jeff fit the bill perfectly.  They met on a hike at Beacon Rock where Jeff later proposed to her, so it just made sense that the perfect setting for their fairy tale wedding would take place over looking Beacon Rock.  Their wedding held high emotion, tears , laughter, but also a sense of healing and the fulfillment of a promise that God made to them both.  I don't think anyone there could think of two people more deserving or better fit for each other.  Jamee and Jeff are truly a match made in heaven, a fairy tale finally come to fruition.  

Jamee and Jeff, it meant so much to me that you asked me to be a part of your day.  I could not be happier for you both and I know that God's promises and your fairy tale does not stop here, but will last a life time.  Congratulations to you both!  

And now for some yummy shots! ;)

Jamee waiting for her knight ;)

The "first look" always, ALWAYS results in the most amazing photos! I highly recommend it. :D

And they rode off on a beautiful white horse and lived happily ever after... or maybe more like drove off in a brand new white Mustang... same thing right?


The Jespersens: Family


Like I said before I was honored to have Melissa contact me to shoot her grandparents 70th Anniversary and I was excited to hear that they wanted more shots of their two beautiful girls; who I had the pleasure of photographing back in September.  So after the Anniversary party we found some space outside to take the girls and get a few shots.    

  Melissa picked out the cutest little outfits for them!

Probably one of my favorites.  And no, no one helped her.  She came up with this style all on her own ;)


Hugh&Norma: 70th Anniversary

I felt really honored when Melissa (I photographed her beautiful family back in September) contacted me about doing photography for her grandparents 70th Anniversary Party.  Kevin and I had to stop and figure out how long we would have to live if we wanted to make it to our 70th Anniversary... I  would have to live till I was 92 and him 91... it really put things in perspective.  Marriage is the most beautiful, hard, and rewarding decision that any two people can make.  To have your best friend beside you for 70 years, to share your joys, hurts, short comings, achievements with is something to be treasured.  Something to rejoice about and to be held in high esteem and honor.  I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this celebration.

To Hugh and Norma: Happy 70th Anniversary and thank you for being an example to your family and people around you that marriages can and do last.  

The lovely Hugh and Norma:

This little guy was so stinkin' cute!