Breck: Senior 2010


I honestly sat here a while trying to figure something witty or sentimental so say.  Then of course the thought came to me,  "Johanna," my thought said, " you know most people probably don't even read your blog anyway. They just come to see the photos."  That's when I decided I just need to let Breck's photos speak for themselves.

I just hope they tell you how beautiful she is inside and out.  That she has a heart to serve which makes her an incredible leader and that she will touch and change other people's lives just by being around them.  Because of her strength in knowing who she is and above all her love for Christ.

So photo's: speak...




Another year, another day, another hour, another chance to start anew and make some changes!  So in light  of that my blog will be under construction for a bit while I am changing things around and ultimately making it bigger and better! So thanks to everyone for being patient and I hope to finally get the rest of my 2009 posts up soon!

Here's a little preview... ;)