Jessica & Doug: Wedding


Everything was in it’s place.  The train of the dress, the pearls in her ears, every speck of glitter and glamour was just right.   The anticipation was high and from the moment he turned his eyes dazzled in her perfection. In that moment the nerves subsided and yielded to their love.  It was a perfect moment on a perfect day… their day.

This was wedding was amazing and such a joy to be a part of!  Jessica was probably one of the most calm and prepared brides I have ever seen! We were able to stick to the schedule and I am still in awe of it!  Jessica and Doug thank you so much for allowing me to a part of your day and witness your love for one another.  You are a special couple and I am so excited to see all the great plans that God has for the both of you!  

I love their expressions in the these two pictures especially Jessica's in the second one ;D


At the reception they had chocolate covered strawberries set out just for the wedding party.... I loved it!

Jessica thought about every little detail, even the foot accessories!  She traded off from foot Jewelry to designer flip flops after the ceremony.  

This first look was such a special moment!  I encourage all of my brides to do this!  You get all the pics out the way before the wedding even starts and it adds a special moment to your day that you wouldn't get other wise.


Ryan Perales


Growing up I always wished I had a younger sibling. Ok, that was a lie. To be completely honest I LOVED being the youngest, but that is beside the point. ;) The point is when I married Kevin I got two things I never had growing up. 1. A sister and 2. A younger brother and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I actually kind of wish they were my younger brother and sister growing up cause I’ve found that they were the angels of the family, while Kevin was the one tormenting them. Either that or they are incredibly sly and have some kind of weird hold over Kevin that doesn’t allow him to deny any of their horrible stories of being mistreated by him...oh the power of twins. Yes, they are twins.
So I figured it was time to get Ryan in front of the camera to start his male modeling career. Despite his hitting and name calling I still managed to push him in front of the camera and catch a few shots ;P What are big sisters for right? Ok, again a lie. In reality, I have to say, he was better than Zoolander himself and completely comfortable. So thanks bro! You are a natural!

Here are a few of my favs…

Of course we just couldn't do a male model shoot without Magnum!

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