Chandra & Andrew: Wedding


How many of us remember our first kiss with our loved one? What if you could have that moment captured forever?  And not just that one moment... but everything leading up to that moment? The knots from the excitement, anticipation, and nervousness welling up inside.  Then afterward, the feeling of walking on clouds, the high of emotions taking over the brain's pleasure center and a complete understanding of what it means to be 'twitterpated'!   All of it... captured.  
That's what Chandra and Andrew had on their wedding day.  A day full of excitement and emotion that poured out in overwhelming smiles, bursts of laughter, and shrieks of pure joy.  Today was their day, the beginning of a new step in life and a new journey in their love for one another.  They had waited patiently for this day and they will forever remember it, every moment, every emotion, and every kiss; including their first one.  

To Chandra and Andrew: Thank you for letting me a part of your day.  Your passion and love for one another was a joy and privilege to capture.  The excitement of your day was one that was special and rare and it added to make some amazing memories!  You two are very blessed to have one another.  Congrats!

Of course my favorite moment! The first look... and I just LOVE Chandra's reaction!

When Chandra came up behind Andrew she put her right hand in his right hand to turn him around.  It was a sweet moment.

This girl was none stop smiling all day... 

And of course the first kiss... Andrew you are a lucky man ;)

We met up after the ceremony for a few quick romantic shots... of them kissing...of course! :) 
Their emotion and passion was intense and I loved EVERY MOMENT!