Dorothy: Senior 2010


Dori really went above and beyond for our photo shoot. Seeing as how she doesn’t usually wear a skirt or dress I give her a BIG thumbs up for being willing to do so. Plus she has these marvelous blue eyes that I just envy... [[[sigh]]]... and I think her hair does too. It kept falling down trying to get up close and personal ;) So the most patient award for waiting and allowing me to fuss with her hair before getting the right shot goes to Dori. All I have to say is we had a lot of fun and got some great shots.
Here are some of my favs of those gorgeous blue eyes…


Brianna:Senior 2010


So I had the magnificent challenge of doing two Senior sessions at the same time! Enter Brianna and Dorothy. Bri and Dori are sisters who are both graduating this year and it was easier with everyone's busy schedule to get their pictures done together. They both brought their own style and beauty to the table. So I just sat down and had a feast! Yikes…. I’m starting to sound like a Wild Thing ;) Bri’s pictures were due at school before Dori’s so I put my focus on getting hers done first. (Dori’s are almost done. Check back soon!)

When we first started Bri was giving some killer (as in awesome, good, amazing ;) straight face looks along with some super cute closed smiles. I asked Bri if she smiles with her mouth open at all and she replied, "no". So of course, me being me, I got her to crack a wide smile a couple of times. Bri, YOUR SMILE IS JUST GORGEOUS!! So honey, let those pearly whites shine ;D