This will be my first thanksgiving as a married woman!! But that doesn't mean that I am cooking...oh no... I don't know think I am at the point yet that I want to try to cook a thanksgiving dinner when  I still burn the cookies!  LOL But I am so thankful that there are people on this earth that God has blessed with a cooking talent.  Because of them many people in America (including me!) will be stuffing themselves senseless today.  Yes, I am proud to be an American!  So my husband and I will be having Thanksgiving at our friend's, Justin and Beth's home who have so graciously invited us over and even told us we didn't have to bring anything!  Except I am bringing apple pie and ice cream for dessert! YUM!  So to everyone out there enjoying a beautiful meal today, HAPPY Thanksgiving!  

PS I am so thankful to have such good friends, and a wonderful husband!


The Joy of Marriage


The nice thing about marriage is that when you get the sudden urge to take pictures of someone, your spouse is always there.  Now they may fight you on it, scream and pull out the claws, but in the end, as most women know, we get our way ;)  Honestly though, my husband was gracious and kind enough to let me drag him around San Dimas Canyon Park to get some photos.  He is such a good sport!

I am proud to introduce to you my lovely husband, of four months, Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Kevin Perales!!


It's Starting!


This is my very first post! I am greatly excited about starting up my new business and I hope this will be a great avenue for people to see my work, become inspired themselves, and get to know who Johanna Perales is! It's the start of a great adventure that I am excited embark upon!