The Jespersens: Family Session


I had the privilege of meeting Cory and Melissa through Jessica McGrew who’s wedding I shot back in June.  They have two adorable twins, Lexine and Paige who are four months old now and wanted to get some Family shots done.  We met up down at Lewisville Park and had a blast trying to get the girls to smile and look at the camera.  Lexine was not to keen on the idea at first but toward the end she showed the camera some love ;)

There is just something about making a baby smile that makes you powerless to do anything else but smile along with them.

Just see for yourself…

Thank you Cory and Melissa for allowing to capture your beautiful family!


Melanie Guild: Senior


Dear Tyra Banks,

I have officially found America’s Next Top Model. No really I am being serious.  She’s 6’0, drop dead gorgeous and even smiles with her eyes! No need for instruction she comes up with all her own poses and tends to take charge of her photo shoot.

So really just cancel next season and announce the winner: Melanie Guild. 

Trust me you won’t be sorry. 

If you don’t believe me check out some of these photos for yourself…


Johanna Perales

Discoverer and 1st photographer for Melanie Guild A.K.A. Super Model. 


Jessie & Ryan: Wedding


One thing I love about Jessie is she always smells…really good!  (Scared you for a second there didn’t I?)  And when asked, “What are you wearing?”  She will reply, “Rosemary.”  I think it’s one of her not so secret obsessions.  So when it came time to decorate for the wedding it only made sense to have rosemary everywhere, and yes it smelled good ;)

It was once believed that if the bride wore a wreath of Rosemary on her head during the ceremony the vows would not be forgotten. But on this day a silly folklore would not be needed.  This was a day that Jessie and Ryan had been looking forward to for months. As they stood before friends and family exchanging their vows through tears and laughter two lives merged to forever continue down the same path… till death do they part. 

Jessie and Ryan thank you so much for letting me capture your wedding day!  It was beautiful and elegant, reflecting everything that embodies who you are as a couple.  Congratulations! 

Now it’s time to share some pics!

The many faces of sisters...

I absolutely loved it that Jessie and Ryan ran down the isle... I mean who doesn't want to do that right after they get married??

I think this is probably one of my favorites.