Natasha & Jordan: Wedding


NERVES.  They are always high on a wedding day.  It never fails: the groom will pace around, sit down, get back up, check his watch, pace around some more all in the hope that it will make the time go faster. The bride on other hand usually has her mental checklist that she is going over and over hoping that everything falls into place.  Nerves are what make the day so exciting.  
I get to witness this at every wedding I do and I get to witness it all melt away when they see each other for the first time. 
It’s in that moment that nothing else matters and the nerves are calmed.  The sky could fall, and they wouldn’t even notice.  Or at least Natasha and Jordan wouldn’t have.  In fact if I have to remind my clients I'm there, then I know I'm getting some AMAZING shots.  

Natasha and Jordan: Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.  I am so happy that two beautiful people (inside and out) have found each other.  What an honor it was to capture your love.  Thank you for the privilege.

Now for some Amazingness!


The Spencer Kids: Family Session


I had so much fun the other day spending time with the Spencer kids during their portrait session.  Kids are always so much fun to photograph for me and I just love it that they want to play and be themselves.  For some reason it’s always harder to get grown ups to do that J But kids they’re just natural at it and  that’s what I love to capture.

Brianna:  Thank you for allowing me to spend time with you and your children.  They are such a wonderful blessing and I enjoyed every moment of it!

I absolutely, 100% adore this picture! It just doesn't get more real than this! :)