Jessica + Doug = Engaged!


Jessica has been one of my best friends for a long time. We’ve been through a lot together and I am so thankful that God brought her into my life.  She was the breath of fresh air that I needed and a friend who I can be completely serious with one moment and then completely off the wall the next.  I just cannot express how much I love her and hold her dear to my heart!

Ok, now I have to be honest.  When it comes to my friends I am EXTREMELY protective!  Especially when it comes to the guys they introduce me to.  I’m the friend that from the moment I meet the guy I am sizing him up to see if he really is good enough because let’s face it, I have some pretty amazing friends and they deserve a pretty OUTSTANDING guy! 

So Doug I admit it I sized you up… and you passed with flying colors!! You compliment Jess so well and I really could not have picked a better guy for her. I am excited that Jessica has found such an outstanding guy cause well, that is just what she deserves!

This photo shoot was such a blast!  From making weird noises to make them laugh, to falling on my butt cause I knew it just needed a good ol’ grass stain, there just wasn’t a dull moment.

Here are some of my favorites from our day…


Jessica and Doug,
 Thank you for such an awesome day!  I'm so excited for wedding.  It's going to be beautiful!


Spring Time


It’s been quite the change moving from California back up to Washington.  I’ve run into a few surprises and culture shock moments that I didn’t expect.  Like remembering why you can’t wear high heels all the time, or having to plan extra time in your morning routine to scrap the ice off your car.  My ultimate favorite though, is how SLOW everyone drives!  I guess I’ve grown accustomed to LA drivers.  So much so that I miss them ;)
 But I’ve also realized that the Northwest has something that LA definitely doesn’t. Seasons!  I find myself getting giddy seeing the trees come to life again and waking up to find the yard filled with daffodils.  This magical change just doesn’t happen every day so this morning I woke up and decided that it needed some documentation. That way I can remember the moment that I feel in love with the Northwest all over again. 

Of course Spring just wouldn't be Spring without Cherry Blossoms.

I had the privilege of taking Jessica and Doug’s Engagement photos last Sunday and we had a blast! We got some awesome shots and I hope to get them up here in the next couple of days.  So check back soon!