Jenn & Will: Engagement


We need other people to balance us out, to make us complete, to make us better. We don’t always know exactly what we need; sometimes we think we do and come to realize we’re wrong.  But when we find them, that one right person, the one who makes us better, we hold on tight and don’t let it go. 

Jenn and Will are two amazing people on their own.  Jenn’s the one ready for adventure, to get out and conquer the world.  Will is more laid back, easy going, a chill kind of guy. They make each other laugh and push each other to be better people.  Jenn brings the party and Will brings the balance, together they have found that one right person and they are better people because of it.  They know how to enjoy life, take on the world, and chill all in one day… together ;)

Jenn and Will:  I am beyond excited for your Wedding in August!  It was so great to spend the afternoon with the two of you and get to know you better.  I know your wedding is going to be amazing!  I just wouldn’t expect anything less ;)  Enjoy your engagement photos and I will be seeing you soon! 

Dear Northwest, 
thank you for a wonderfully fabulous, sunny spring day!  You don't tend to grant to many of those...

If you are gonna have your session near water, you better believe I'm gonna ask you to get in ;)  These are probably some of my favorite from our afternoon. Of course Jenn and Will were completely amazing for going along with it.  You guys rock my world.