Jazmine & Jessee: Wedding


Her sister stood up before her family and friends reminiscing of days when they were young.  Of memories that would never fade, of the times that sisters, who are now friends, can sit and laugh at.  “While only a year ago Jazmine moved to Washington with her son, ‘a family of two’,” she said, “today you become a family of five.”  There could not be more joy in her words.

It was as if, under her breath, you could hear her thanks to God for an answered prayer.  That Jazmine wouldn’t just find the man of her dreams, but would find the one that loved the Lord with all his heart and one that would be worthy of her dear sister.  Yes, you could hear the thanks and see it in her smile as she looked at Jessee.  He was the one worthy of Jazmine, and Jazmine the one worthy of him.  Their search had come to an end only to start a new beginning.  For today, God made them a family of five.

Jazmine and Jessee:  What an honor it has been to journey down this road with you, to be there for your wedding day and to be able capture the joy and the tears.  God has truly brought together two beautiful people and I know you will have many years of happiness ahead of you.  Congrats! 

As usual, just a few of my favorites from their big day!

I absolutely fell in LOVE with Jazmine's Wedding dress that she found at a Vintage shop! 

First Look... My favorite ;)

A picture of the first dance is always a nice note to end on.


Breck & Kylan: Wedding


Never could either of their parents have imagined that a move for a new job would bring their families together forever… but it did.  The job was at a summer camp called Camp Crestview in Oregon. It was there that they fell in love and it was there that they got married.   The funny thing is that people say all the time “summer romances don’t last”, but Breck and Ky’s did.  It didn’t end, it persevered. ‘Cause that’s what love does, it conquers all.

Breck and Ky: You both are amazing people all on your own and I know together you will be a force to be reckoned with.  Thank you SO MUCH for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!  I wish you both many years of love and joy.  I believe you both are meant for great things and I know will achieve all of them, together. 

Summer Lovin’, sometimes it’s meant to last…

As always my favorite part of the day... The First Look

Breck and Ky gave us plenty of time to get some amazing pictures... 2 full hours just with them!  When I heard this I knew I was gonna be in heaven.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!