Jessie & Ryan: Engagment


I’ve known Jessie for a very long time…ok scratch that. Maybe more like known OF her for a very long time.  We honestly never had the chance to really connect, but within the past few months of getting to know her through coffee dates and hanging out at Whole Foods, I have gained a very special friend.  She is a woman of true beauty and has found a man that not only sees it, but has this amazing ability to bring it out to show the world.  Their love is truly one to admire. 
One of my favorite things on a photo shoot is interacting with the couples.  Once I figure out what makes them tick and, most importantly, laugh I’m set.  For me that’s when the fun really starts.  For Jessie and Ryan all it took was three little words…
Just Be Yourselves
That’s it!  So this couple isn’t about dilly dally’in on having fun or getting to the good stuff.  “Just Be Yourselves” was all it took.

And this is what they gave me….